Second Snark ( photographs in photographs section)


After over a year of working behind the scenes, we are today delighted to be able to make several keynote announcements. 

* MV The Second Snark Saved from Scrap *

The 1938 Wm Denny & Son tender, MV The Second Snark, has been saved from scrap by her former owner, Hamish Munro, and the newly formed Second Snark Preservation Society. 

By the summer of 2018 it had become apparent that after undergoing some £400,000 of restoration work, MV The Second Snark’s American owner had had a change of heart about his project and had abandoned the ship in the yard of Stirling & Son yard, Plymouth. 

With “The Snark” under threat of demolition, Hamish Munro stepped in to save her and repatriate her to Scotland. With the ship substantially stripped back, this involved her hull being patch repaired sufficient to re-float her, so that she could be lifted out of the water at the Mayflower Marina. 

The Second Snark then was loaded on to a heavy transporter and made the 514 miles trip back to her homeland, by road. 

* Second Snark Preservation Society *

Once secured at her temporary lay-up location, work was able to begin both on undertaking a full feasibility study and creating a new trust to take over the stewardship of this much loved ship. 

This was possible thanks only to the extremely generous support of Hamish Munro, who met all of the monthly storage costs from his own funds. All in all Mr Munro has donated about £20,000 to the project; we are indebted to him. 

The Second Snark Preservation Society was duly incorporated by William Tomlinson and Gavin Stewart, and on 1st October 2019 the Charity became the official owners of MV The Second Snark. 

The Trustees are delighted to report that after both a full appraisal of the ship by naval architects Brookes Bell LLP and talks with the MCA, there is nothing to stop the The Second Snark from being restored to working order. 

* Our Vision * 

Quite simply, the Second Snark Preservation Society intends to see through the project that was started by the vessel’s previous owner; we are going to complete the restoration works and return MV The Second Snark to an operational condition.

With £400,000 of work already undertaken and with the estimate to complete the restoration at the same amount, effectively we are 50% along the path to being able to sail the ship again. That is an absolutely excellent starting point. 

* Next Steps *

Over the coming weeks we will be making further announcements about the future of the ship. 

In the meantime, in order to take the project to the next stage we need to raise £20,000. A fundraiser will be launched shortly via this Facebook page, and we hope you will support us as generously as you can in restoring this Clyde favourite. 

Stay tuned for further news and please share this Facebook page far and wide!