Glenlee missing Bilge Pump

When Glenlee returned to the Clyde in June 1993 she was without her Bilge  Pump .

It is hoped that some time in the future as part of the ongoing Glenlee restoration to replace the missing Bilge Pump.

You will see in the attached photographs the refurbished Balclutha Bilge Pump. 

The one for the Glenlee will have to be built from Scratch, which will be expensive as parts will have to be made specifically for her. 

Balclutha’s pump by Robert Mills of Greenock, Scotland is an improved “force pump” design which uses a central water-filled piston chamber connected to two valve chambers. Each of these valve chambers has two heavy valves with leather gaskets. Water is drawn up past the lower valve by the piston’s suction stroke; the lower valve then seals closed; then when the piston pushes against the water in the pump case, it is pushed past the upper valve and out through the discharge “dale.” The two sets of valves means that the pump ejects water smoothly in both the up and the down motions of the piston; this is known as “double action.”