Master William Fraser 

Crew 25

Cargoes: Coal, Wheat 

Garston — Adelaide — Queenstown — Mersey Ports — Birkenhead.

12/09/1900 — 28/05/1901

Departure Arrival Duration of Passage

Garston 12/09/1900 Adelaide 16/12/1900 95 days

Adelaide 09/02/1901 Queenstown 17/05/1901 97 days

Queenstown 25/05/1901 Mersey 28/05/1901   3 days

Mersey 28/05/1901 Birkenhead (for repairs)

Disaster struck a third time when Islamount grounded in the mud at Eastham  on the Mersey around 4 am on the 28th May 1901. She was inward bound having departed Queenstown on the 25th towed by the Liverpool tug Cruiser. She crossed the Irish Channel in fair weather entering the Mersey Estuary around 4 am on 28 th. All was going according to plan when a sudden gust of wind propelled her in the direction of the mud flats where she stuck fast for several hours. It took 5 tugs to free her, thereafter she was towed to Runcorn for survey and reported “damaged, but to what extent is not known until she is discharged “. In the event her injuries were minor although she did not sail again until 15th August having spent the previous three weeks at Birkenhead.


Glenlee The Life & Times of a Clyde-Built Cape Horner by;

Colin Castle and Ian MacDonald